The Chaplain Skill Set Series – all volumes now Revised and Expanded

All three volumes of The Chaplain Skill Set Series have now all been revised and expanded and are now available in both print and e-book formats. Each volume has had substantial additions to clarify, support and validate the themes of each. These are great ministry resources for anyone interested in concepts and practical applications of public ministry.

Volume 1 (The Fundamentals: The Why, What, Who and How of Chaplaincy) has expanded sections on the theological and theoretical implications of chaplaincy as well as more current information on the impact and outcomes of workplace chaplaincy upon organizations. A full section of seven, real-life chaplain encounters have been added to the original e-book version. These verbatims are excellent exercises for readers to reflect and analyze the situations, to consider how they would respond in these situations in order to improve and sharpen their own skill sets for ministering effective soul care to those in need.

Volume 2 (Understanding Spirituality and World Faith Expressions) now includes an expanded conversation of how one’s worldview is informed and shaped by their spirituality or faith tradition. The faith expressions of secular/religious humanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Jewish and Christian faith beliefs are all discussed. This text can be very helpful for ministers as they have conversations of ultimate life questions with hurting individuals seeking meaning and purpose of life events. A new section of four verbatims have been added to this volume.

Volume 3 (Understanding the Spiritual Assessment) now includes a fuller discussion of ten spiritual needs assessments noted in the literature and often used in healthcare settings by chaplains, social workers and physicians (ie. Fitchett’s 7×7 Model, FACT, FICA, HOPE, SPIRIT, Joint Commission, etc). The text also includes how workplace spirituality has been assessed in the past with a focus on how employees express their faith in the workplace. A new section of four verbatims was also added as practical exercises for readers.

All 3 volumes of The Chaplain Skill Set Series are available exclusively at CLICK HERE.

If you would like a shorter, more concise overview of the core information in these expanded 3 volumes, then my book Essential Chaplain Skill Sets is also available in print or e-book format.

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