Religious Persecutions Shake Moral Conscience

I truly thought the graphic visual images of the Jordanian pilot who was recently captured, caged and burned alive by extremists would have been the last straw. Now, with continued boldness of more mass executions of Egyptian Christians, it only underscores the fact that thousands of Christ-followers have lost their lives in the name of their faith over recent years. These deranged extremists are murdering anyone who does not accept their way of thinking. This form of genocide fits a supremist mentality. I am not an expert, but common sense says that this will not suddenly halt and the cruel and imperialistic actions will only continue.  If this is true, then what or who will stop this?

I pray that the civilized world governments will collectively join forces. The nations need to proceed with divine wisdom beyond their capabilities, and quickly begin to proactively protect law abiding citizens of all faiths across the globe. It is time for the civilized and tolerant world nations to rise up and call these actions for what they truly are: shear evil.

During an era when nations held claim to but one religion, Jan Hus declared the authority of the Holy Scriptures to be greater than that of any earthly ruler. This ticked off a certain monarch dictator and Hus was burned to death. A century or so later, in order to allow common people to understand the Holy Scriptures, William Tyndale translated the Holy Bible from the ancient languages to a readable version.  Tyndale went against the accepted norms of his day and helped spread religious liberties to all people through education. For his boldness, Tyndale was strangled and then set on fire. But it was through Tyndale’s death, the flames of religious liberties ignited and spread like a wildfire throughout England. The Protestant Reformation emerged. Religious and spiritual thought processes changed. Nations became more civil. The world became better.

Religious martyrdom creates a significant influence and power upon societies and even the world. My prayer is that the countless lives which have been brutally taken by the hands of evil will not be summarily dismissed. The Global Good can prevail. But only if The Global Good does not remain silent, passive or apathetic.

Wars against enemies are justified when peace is offered but rejected, when property and lives are arbitrarily taken, when national interests are at stake, and when wars are approached as a national group and not as individual vigilantes. These are also biblical precedents and principles which were wisely placed into our Constitution. I am by no means a war-monger, but isn’t it time that our nation’s representatives take a decisive action against this clear and present evil of religious genocide?

The sanctity of every human life is precious and priceless. Our nation of unprecedented freedom needs to lead the charge and provide substantial wise leadership. I cannot imagine how much more it will take to shake our world’s collective moral conscience in order to begin resetting the course back toward civility and respect of religious expression for all once again.

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