Effects of Abortion on Women

Effects of Abortion on Women.

Whether you are pro-choice, pro-life or undecided, the facts of voluntary abortion and its effects in the US and internationally is staggering. Just in the past 40 years in our country, over 50 million abortions have taken place.

Despite the overwhelming number of abortions performed, what has the effects on the women been?

A California study of 56 thousand women reports that post-abortion patients had significant symptoms of nervous disorders, sleep disturbances, guilt and the need for psychotropic medications within 8 weeks of their abortion. A Canadian study noted that ¼ of women in a five year study needed psychiatric visits and counsel. Researchers in Finland noted that 28% of post-abortion woment attempted suicide while 60% experieces suicide ideations.

Other prominent studies note marked increase of alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, and even child neglect or abuse when the women do decide to begin their families.

I’m sure there are many more research studies supporting these facts, as well as well-prosed arguments in opposition. But there is a reality that the effects of abortion trigger many types of emotional, psychological and spiritual distress which are real and deeply impact individuals (men and women), communities, states and nations. The statistics are sobering.

  • Chaplain Keith



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